From Vancouver to Finland: Why Did I Leave?

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From Vancouver to Finland: Why Did I Leave?

ViestiKirjoittaja IndiscriminateBee » 22.8.2017 22:12

I recently moved from Vancouver and I'm currently trying to find a doctor who isn't afraid to prescribe medical marijuana. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, because I'd prefer not to commit crimes in a new country. Even if it means traveling across the country and going to a private doctor on my own dime.

Barring that, what's up? Who wants to be friends? :p I have... a cute dog. In Vancouver. And... um... a TV that doesn't work because I have the wrong type of digital box for my building. I think. And... every episode of The Simpsons (un-subtitled) on my computer in case I got homesick. That sounds fun, right?

If you're wondering which disorders I have, it's like everything but cancer: cervical spinal nerve damage (affecting both my CNS and ANS), migraines, PTSD (which has only ever been relieved by MMJ, and new research shows marijuana is the most effective treatment anyway), anxiety, depression, EDS, insomnia, muscle spasms, asthma, compromised immune system, gastrointestinal problems that I developed after using traditional pain killers for too many years, allergies to many traditional medications, memory problems that are made better with marijuana because chronic pain affects my memory more than marijuana could ever hope to, that thing where your period is a nightmare of pain and badness that I can never remember the name of because I have memory problems... Any doctor who cares more about a patient's well-being than their own reputation would prescribe me medical marijuana, but I still had to go to a "natural health specialist" rather than a doctor in Vancouver for my prescription. But Vancouver is a great place to visit and I totally recommend it to any medical marijuana patients before the new laws pass and screw everything up. Or after the new laws pass and screw everything up for any non-patients.

As for why I left? I also have Porphyria, so I'm allergic to the sun. That's the one problem I have that isn't helped by marijuana. :/

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Re: From Vancouver to Finland: Why Did I Leave?

ViestiKirjoittaja masakissa » 22.8.2017 22:51

welcome to finland :) hope you enjoy your time over here, i dont really know much about the doctors who prescribe medical marijuana, but in finland you really need really big reason to get a prescripe for it, first you have to have some medical conditions in which case marijuana could be used, go thru some painkillers first before they even think about giving u the script. I see you have plenty of medical conditions which would be ok in canada and usa, but finland is still so much behind with marijuana, but im sure there are people over the board who knows more about this :) hopefully you are able to find the doctor.

Torrentting in finland is pretty much ok, its hard to get into trouble for downloading movies and tv shows and unlimited 4g for phone is very cheap. There is also tons of sites where you can stream your favorite shows.

weed is also pretty easy to get from the "streets" :P prizes here go from 10 € to 20 € per gram, incase you cant find the doctor and really need to smoke, ofc it varies alot also where you live, may i ask which city you moved into?

also if you want, i can quide you into world of torrents and streaming :) let me know!


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Re: From Vancouver to Finland: Why Did I Leave?

ViestiKirjoittaja username » 4.9.2017 22:00

Did you disappear like the rest of the English speakers, IndiscriminateBee?

Jack The Reaper
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Re: From Vancouver to Finland: Why Did I Leave?

ViestiKirjoittaja Jack The Reaper » 10.3.2018 1:59

Unfortunately the law in Finland says you have to go through ALL the other medicines first for any condition before the doctor can prescribe MMJ.

So basically get a prescription, go buy the pills (as the doc can see if you got em or not), just look on the severe side effects symptom page, claim you had some of them, go through 9-25 different medications depending on your condition, and then finally get MMJ.

The process can take a few months up to few years. Generally private doctors are the way to go, you will NOT get MMJ prescribed from public health care.

Good luck, but I don't think you are reading this forum anymore.

-J :mrgreen:
-J :mrgreen:

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