thinking about growing

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thinking about growing

ViestiKirjoittaja dizzzy » 21.11.2018 2:27

moi! so glad i found this forum!

so i'm a foreigner, living and studying in Finland. this country is great but weed is so hard to find and expensive (especially compared to the south european standards that i was used to).. :mrgreen:

i've recently started thinking about growing my own weed, probably just a couple of plants. was thinking about building a space bucket. i've done some research and found a 300 watt ufo led lamp that would maybe work out, but my question is....: can this lamp make a noticeable change in my electrical consumption? just because i live in a student room with included electricity, and probably if there is something strange they will get suspicious maybe??

also if everything goes wrong and the cops end up finding my one or two plants, will i actually be in real trouble?


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Re: thinking about growing

ViestiKirjoittaja username » 25.11.2018 1:40

Dear dizzzy,

I am glad you are interested in the hobby. I have also lived in student housing and run a few hundred watts when electricity was included. A heater is much more than your ufo. Some people are even leaving the oven on with the door open because it is too cold when they can not control their heating with a thermostat. Don't worry about the power consumption at all. I have even run thousands of watts in a place that was rented with electricity included in the bill. Don't worry about that at all. Also, if you are growing less than 50 plants, no you don't get in real trouble, just a fine based on your income. Pay it if it happens. It can be ~60€ if you are a student. Even if you were growing more than 50 plants, if you have never been caught before, you don't do jail time, because they want to first tell you that you are a very bad boy for growing plants they don't want you to smoke, and if you do it again, there might be consequences. Don't worry about it at all. What else..
A space bucket sounds fun, like they do over on Eddit. 300w UFO LED is good for a half square meter. I would use that lamp, but instead of bothering with making a space bucket(maybe it is fun to build, but..) for the sake of yield, I would buy a GT424 NFT system made by Nutriculture(ordering this online is safe, but maybe they have it at your local hrow/hydroponics store for a more expensive price if you live in Tampere, Turku, or Helsinki) and learn how to use it. You simply cover it with plastic and put plants inside. I root my clones and sometimes put them directly into the water, with no rockwool. If you put a water pump in the tank, the water will be more oxygenated, and the water will be very fresh, but it's a bonus not necessary. This way will be faster and easier than building a spacebucket, and will give you great yields for a few plants. put them in a small tent like 90x90cm and 1.5 or 1.7m high and add a fan to pump the air out. Scrub the air with a carbon filter so you don't stink up the neighborhood, or else somebody might come and steal you stuff, including the blue guys.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions, please just ask!

Yours truly,

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Re: thinking about growing

ViestiKirjoittaja Hobgob » 8.1.2019 9:44

In electricity included student housing there usually are no consumption meters for apartments. The meters &billing are way too Xpensive compared to the consumption &most of the students would not pay the bill themselves anyway..

Be carefull with the smell though.

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Re: thinking about growing

ViestiKirjoittaja Pentti » 16.2.2020 10:05

If you want to save in your expses and not turn the expeses into income, vaporiser allows more efficient comsumption. Cookimg green dragon in more so.

Vaporiser will turn effects towards sativa.
Driking green dragon turns towards indica
and introduces 1.5h delay and will raise in slow eliminating the fast heart beat phaze.

If you are not EU citisen, getting fined foe narcotic crime may be reason not to extend you visa.

Electricity not being meter per room basis and included in rent. One gets student aid for rent, one does not get student aid for electricity.

When I was living in dorm, they did 2 room condition checks eaxh year. They are not legally allowed to come without announcing up front, but if they do...

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