Allow it

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Allow it

ViestiKirjoittaja asteita430 » 23.9.2019 17:18

Weed! Legalize it!
Discussing about legalizing, KK2020 and legalization.
What do we have now? What does we get? What do we do?
An cannabigerol dab pen will be hyped up among youngsters.
Viimeksi muokannut asteita430, 26.9.2019 17:24. Yhteensä muokattu 1 kertaa.
Mä oon lesbo nainen ja rekreationaalinen kannabiksen käyttäjä.

Konan koo
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Re: Allow it

ViestiKirjoittaja Konan koo » 23.9.2019 21:34

So far, so good, so what?

300lbs niggerfaggot
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Re: Allow it

ViestiKirjoittaja 300lbs niggerfaggot » 25.9.2019 23:36

Ehh... even our legend Henry handles English better than you.

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Re: Allow it

ViestiKirjoittaja Kataton » 25.1.2020 20:49

Shitty language! Pigs are using much shitty methods.

Raped twice. At first in chilhood under 3 years when I was in Finland and by others in Norway when I was over 30 years. RTS (Rape trauma syndrome) caused by when I was sleeping. Second raped situation. Painfull as fire. Don't blame! Afterward I have got Rape trauma syndrome. Remembering me usually burning pain in rectum and blame by surronders. Not any reason to discus about sexuality.

Emotionally. Straight. Ice power!

I was child they others raped me and because of first contact with sex was. It was analsex and oral sex all surronders believe about me as gay. Machin believe that I am intended to pure piss and shit play. Machinally gay as hell. In real life straight - somehow bisexual. Girls wins always! Vertical and horizontal! Not 90degrees. Not interested any sex anymore. Disgusting. Typic development at RTS.

I have real name which is mixed by accident to other someone else which is wellknown by shitty language. Shitty client. Do not take any fail with personalities.

Straight talked languages is ruling here at hamppuforum! Does not mean anything of sexuality :guru:

:wanha: :lol:

I will take change with hand gun. Does not care if someone is fucking me to anal. Where is my all algerians with smiled eyes. Stay away from me shitty persons. Cannot hear and understand anymore about life after all ruining. Cannabis - for good health!
Straigh talked bi-sexual
Rape trauma syndrome (RTS)
Paranoia skitsofrenia

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