Can someone help me understand Finnish laws/justice system?

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Can someone help me understand Finnish laws/justice system?

ViestiKirjoittaja missmook » 28.1.2021 13:18

Hi all,

Posted a couple times here asking about high CBD hemp flower. In America, I've been experimenting with salves, balms, and edibles made with high CBD flowers. I mostly just share the products with friends and family, but when I was last living back in the States, I started to think about selling my products. I grew some hemp and started to exact my recipes. I'm back in Finland now, and wondering if its smart/feasible to sell products here. I know its an evolving process with high CBD flower in the EU right now, and I've tried to read as many posts here on the topic, but my Finnish is rudimentary at best, and everything I read is through google translate. I've visited Hannu on his farm, and understand the ruling on his enterprise isn't prescient setting, it currently seems like it is legal to grow CBD hemp in Finland, even for the flower; as long as its not used as a narcotic. With the UN changing the classification of cannabis, does this effect how Finland looks at cannabis? I'm also lead to believe that based on the EU recently rulings and statements that technically cross border (intra-EU) trade in CBD is legal; although Finland considers CBD a medicine. What I understand is that as long as it is marketed as a cosmetic, CBD infused salves and the like are technically legal, is this right? I've also seen CBD leaves sold as tea; but what about flower? Is it legal as long as it isn't used as a narcotic- ie consumed orally in some way? Or is bud tea legal? If I were to grow high CBD hemp flower with seeds from the EU, this would be technically legal, and so would the subsequent use of the flowers from the plant for topical infusions?

What I also seem to understand is that it may be a "try it and see" situation; that I may be interpreting things one way, while the "law" says another. From Hannu I'm to understand there's also little actual understanding within the Finnish system what his charge should have been; that there's a difference between a medicine crime and a criminal crime? Like I said, I'm an American and mostly understand how our rules, regulations, risks, and legal system works here. I'm really confused about how the police conduct home searches...I've read a few stories here about police coming on an alleged crime, but they don't look in cabinets? And they don't need a warrant and you have no right to refuse? But that punishment is most like seizure and a fine? How would something like that impact my residency permit (here on family ties)? Would it limit my access to kela benefits? What about funding for research (looking at PhD programs).

Sorry for all the questions, just really wanting to try and understand all this.

Jack The Reaper
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Re: Can someone help me understand Finnish laws/justice system?

ViestiKirjoittaja Jack The Reaper » 10.2.2021 1:47

Hey missmook,

First of all, I do not have a complete understanding of the situation. But I want to reply for you to get a some kind of a grasp of the situation.

#1. Cannabis will always contain THC. Whether it is 0.0000000000000001% or 0.0001% or 0.01% or 0.1% or 1%, it will always be there.

#2 THC is classified as illegal drug in Finland.

Then there is the #3, interesting part from law;

Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskus voi myöntää luvan huumausaineen valmistukseen, Suomeen tuontiin, Suomesta vientiin ja käsittelyyn. (16.10.2009/775)
Medicine business safety- and development center can give permits to produce a drug substance, and for importing such, exporting such and handling such.

Lupa voidaan myöntää yksityiselle elinkeinonharjoittajalle, oikeushenkilölle taikka yliopistolle tai muulle tutkimuslaitokselle:
The permit can be given to a private business, to a legal person, to a university or to another type of research facility.

1) lääkkeiden tuotantoon ja muihin lääkinnällisiin tarkoituksiin, jos toimija saa lääkelain 17 §:n 1 momentin nojalla tuoda Suomeen lääkkeitä;
1) For the production of medicine and other medicinal uses, if the operator has a permit due medicine laws 17 § 1st moment to import medicine into Finland;

2) huumausaineen toteamiseksi käytettävien aineiden, valmisteiden ja testijärjestelmien valmistukseen, tuontiin, vientiin tai käsittelyyn, jos ne sisältävät huumausaineita;
2) To produce drug testing substances, devices and test systems, importation, exportation or operation, if they contain drug substances

3) tieteelliseen tutkimukseen sekä lääkinnällisissä tarkoituksissa tapahtuvaan tutkimukseen, laadunvalvontatutkimukseen ja tuotekehittelyyn; tai
3) For scientific research and in research that happens with a medicinal aim, or to control quality or to develop a product or;

4) 3 §:n 1 momentin 5 kohdan e alakohdassa tarkoitetun huumausaineen teolliseen käyttöön, jos aineen teollinen käyttö on 3 b §:n nojalla sallittu.
4) 3§ 1st moment part 5E bottom notification mentioned drug substances industrial use, if the drugs industrial use is allowed by 3b §.


By now you're probably thinking you have a chance at getting this permit to grow.

:( :( :(

:eiei: :eiei: :eiei:

FIMEA is not giving out such permits because "they cannot oversee the production".

So in theory YES, in practice NO WAY IN HELL.

I suggest you produce elsewhere in EU, if you want to do anything cannabis or hemp or CBD related stuff.

However, note this EU level law;

The hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) contains a number of cannabinoids and the most common ones are as follows: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), its precursor in hemp, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid A (Δ9-THCA-A), delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid B (Δ9-THCA-B), delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8-THC), cannabidiol (CBD), its precursor in hemp cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin (Δ9-THCV). Without prejudice to the information provided in the novel food catalogue for the entry relating to Cannabis sativa L., extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids are considered novel foods as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated. This applies to both the extracts themselves and any products to which they are added as an ingredient (such as hemp seed oil). This also applies to extracts of other plants containing cannabinoids. Synthetically obtained cannabinoids are considered as novel.

E.g. you need a permit to sell stuff that contains any of the mentioned. You can't just move to Holland, grow a plant and produce X things from it and sell (as an crude example)
-J :mrgreen:

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Re: Can someone help me understand Finnish laws/justice system?

ViestiKirjoittaja missmook » 14.3.2021 18:00

Thanks for the information. I guess what I'm not understanding is how the recent ruling on Hannu's growth of high CBD cannabis plays into all this. Also, it looks like there are at least three companies selling CBD oil in Finland, and Mrs. Greengrass keeps hinting about selling flower.

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